First Step: Love Yourself (Realistically)

Enjoy being alone and not lonely.

Feel good about yourself.

Second Step: Overcome Fear

The one and only secret to overcome approach anxiety.

How to  excel under pressure.

Third Step: Make Good First Impressions

What women want in a man.

What to say to a girl you just met.

How to know a girl is interested in you.

How to get her contact (the gentleman way).

Fourth Step: Get a Date

How to text a girl and hold a conversation.

How to hypnotize a girl (the way girls like).

Arrange a date she will never forget.

What not to do in a date.

Fifth Step: Be a Good Boyfriend

How to maintain a good relationship.

Overcome conflict with your girlfriend.

How to wife up your girlfriend.

Bonus: Read The Best Dating Guides For Men

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