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One of the things that amaze me the most about life is the occurrence of repetitive patterns, the many parallels, and similarities in laws of nature. The universe is fascinating indeed.


Now, a quick clarification. The term “natural law” refers to a type of moral theory, as well as to a type of legal theory. Online, new age fluff has unfortunately abducted and distorted the term. Natural law does not refer to the laws of nature, the laws that science aims to describe. Laws of Nature are the “principles” that govern the natural phenomena of the world. That is, the natural world “obeys” the Laws of Nature[1].


The brain, the internet, and humans have something in common. They are networks. The principles and laws of network science thus affect and can apply to all three. One of these phenomena, for example, is the rich club phenomenon. Few websites on the internet receive all the traffic. Few groups of people have all the wealth and attention and few nodes in the brain are highly interconnected. Any network left freely uncontrolled[2] will submit to the iron law of oligarchy. Which explains why humans form hierarchies and why the most benign organizations that start with great intentions slowly turn into cults. By mapping networks, you can figure out affiliations, detect extremist groups and many other applications. You can predict whether a student will drop out of college by knowing how far he is in proximity to the rich club of the university. Understanding the similarities between the laws that govern our behavior can be very practical.


The procedure of pickup has a “twin” phenomenon. The sales funnel. The act of approaching a girl, trying to get her number in hope of getting some action is the same formula you follow to sell a product. That is right. The structure of a successful pickup is the same structure of a highly converting sales page.

Today, you are going to discover the success elements that make a profitable sales pitch and how you can apply them to your routines. How you can diagnose your missteps and fix them for better outcomes.

[1] For our philosophers out there


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