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Close the Deal.

The call to action is that often orange button. “Buy now”. Most marketers try to highlight the positives and rest their case, overcome common hesitations and then solicit the sale at the end of the pitch. Wrong! You should make the call to action, whether it is a date, a contact, going home with you… when your customer is ready to buy. Usually, your product needs an exposure of 7 times before clients decide to buy it. In other cases, the client’s mind is set and excited for the purchase, maybe they have been checking you out from afar and now they decided to make contact. Sometimes, your clients desperately hope your product will fix their problem whatever the cost.

You approach the girl, she shows to like you, and she is free to hang out… Take her hand for a walk down the city. She is already dressed up on a Saturday night… take her on a date that very moment! If she is in a hurry, take her number and plan something later when you are both free. The difference between a lover and someone new to Game is the rookie tries to follow the script, the formula. While the lover notices the hot iron and strikes it. Social interactions happen randomly. If you observe people a little more instead of being self-absorbed and afraid, you can always notice when there is a desire. You can taste the blood in the waters. We are intuitive animals. Even when you were a little kid, you could sense the sexual tension between a man and a woman standing in front of you. You could differentiate between two actors having a genuine attraction and those who are simply doing the job. There are no super skills to learn in seduction. We already possess the tools. We simply need to awaken them. A common attribute of men who don’t follow their intuition is they often confuse fear for morality or they think women don’t crave sex and whatnot. Always make your door open for girls who want to enter. Embrace the mentality of “I’m down to play if you’re up to”. Girls can sense you are a deal closer and they will give you clear signs to make a move.

“Ok. I believe you, but when exactly to make a move?” Well, it depends on what the girl considers a big investment. Some women consider giving you their number a big investment and I like those women. They rarely flake. Some women will consider going on a date with you a big investment and some think sex is that big outlay. Whenever a woman wants to invest in you, she will have a moment of hesitation and then she tests to reassure her future decision. The moment you pass a girl’s test, you earn the right to make demands. Following the same principle, you should never make demands when you do not earn them. You did a bold move and she smiled for you, you can command her to stop and talk to you. You made her laugh and gently caressed her and she’s behaving pleasantly, you can easily assume you can have her number and more… that is how the mating dance work for humans. When you don’t perform it right, the female punishes you. The secret is to take action and gauge. Ad infinitum.  The easier you break a woman’s boundaries (for good intents), the more she accepts the submissive role and no longer tests you. The moment you fail her initial tests or if she breaks your boundaries she will reinforce rules and limits for you. These double standards are rooted in our biology. Go complain to god or whoever.

After you get any kind of investment from the girl (customer), whether it was a contact, a date, a sexual encounter… they will have a degree of Buyer’s remorse. The most common reasons for buyer’s remorse are:

The product did not meet my expectations. For some reason, she did not like you. Plain and simple. You are not valuable to her. Some women will reject your advances kindly. “Sorry and walk away”. Some women will give you the safe no “give him the number to avoid any possible backlash and block him later”. There are those women… the flakers. They set the date and they don’t show up. Perhaps, the girl used a potential flake as a test and you failed it. Maybe, something is bothering her about you and of course, she will not do the responsible thing and cancel the date amicably. Maybe, you didn’t stop talking about yourself during the date.

Useless product. She goes on a date with you and it appears you are not what you presented yourself to be. You are a false advertisement. Maybe, you offered to go Dutch. Useless!

I found a better alternative. Well, you are not the best in the world and if you think women will love you for you, you are new to this game. Women fuck the winners and are always looking for better. If a competitor can satisfy your clients’ needs better, your customers will simply flee and leave you for the better option. If women loved men for simply being, pick up would not work at all. Let that sink in. There would be no cheaters, cam girls, prostitution, historical war brides… Romantic love is nothing but a cocktail your limbic system releases to incentivize reproduction, which happens to block rational thought. Because of our different reproductive imperatives, men and women experience love differently. There is no such thing as the one or soul mates or whatever. Everything we experience is subject to explanation and quantification. Sex is a commodity and like all goods, economics laws apply to it.

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