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The Pitch.

When you grab your visitors’ attention. The opener served its sole purpose. Then, the customer scrolls down examining the offer. It is when the girl throws her many subtle tests…

All the things we discussed before happen in a few seconds. The subtle micro-interactions that occur between you two give the girl the unexplainable “gut feeling” that will soon become her judgment of you. Women operate more through intuition and their gut feeling proves itself often correct. The moment you pass a girl’s initial test, a battle of frame emerges.

In the case of sales, the goal is to make sure the perceived value of the product far exceeds its cost. While chatting a girl for the first time, the clash is between the female reproductive imperative and the male reproductive imperative.

The woman: Why should I give you my body, beauty, and validation?

The man: Why should I give you my utility, resources, and commitment?

If you convey through your behavior that you easily give your commitment to any girl, you are as a girl who easily gives her body to any man. An unattractive thing for sure.

Again, the thing I don’t like about common pick up advice is the gimmicks and cheap tricks. Use this neg. Turn her around and whatnot. It’s like when you keep trying to improve your sales page by changing the color of the countdown and fonts and styling the sidebar… all for a 1% increase in conversions. 

Hear this: You can do the same pickup line or move, the right way or the wrong way. The magic is how you make the girl feel. While interacting with a girl you should be exuding masculine energy. “I am confident in my ability to solve your needs”. Men lead, men take initiative, and men solve problems with ease. Your vibe should send a strong message “I am self-sufficient and I don’t tolerate bullshit”. A woman wants you to want her. To think she is pretty. To give her attention. To be attracted to her. To want to have sex with her. She, however, does not want you to need her or being intimidated by her presence or beauty. The woman thinks to herself, “If this man is afraid and nervous around a fragile being like me, how can he face the struggles of life for me and my offspring”. When interacting with girls, align your behavior with this motto, “I can grant you the things you want. But do you deserve that?” Internalize that and winning the frame will be the easiest part. Imagine you want to buy a car and you ask the seller “is this car in a good mechanical state?” and he replies, “Well, I cannot guarantee that…” you will grow resistant after hearing that. Alternatively, he says, “it’s the best car, the most beautiful car ever. let’s sign the papers first…” The overcompensation will turn you off for sure.

If you were standing next to a girl letting her be in charge and passively waiting for her approval, then that is what turned her off about you. Women feel. Women will tell you they want “equal partners” and sleep with assertive males. They cannot help it. That is what their nature yearns for. The mistake most men do is projection. You want a pleasant, subservient, feminine woman and so you think being accommodating, and appeasing will get the girl. A woman wants the opposite of that. People value what they lack not what they already have. Women project too. They think a man desires a high status, educated and “independent” woman while a man simply wants a youthful fertile babe.

Do you like to buy a product out of pity from the poor seller who keeps harassing you and licking your boots? You buy from an authority. You buy products that serve your interests and you buy from people you deem prestigious. Visitors will go seek reviews. Women will test you. Prospect you. They will question your status, and observe how you behave around other people … they want to know you are the real deal. To simply pass the test. Be the real deal.

Men are pompous with fragile egos. Men usually try to oversell themselves and exaggerate their value. Your customers can tell and so do women. You are playing in women’s game and you cannot foul them. Make the best product and be honest about it. That’s what vulnerability is about. Not being a stupid open book. Put your product in the market and if it is good. Eventually, it will gain momentum. It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you’re not. You can try to buy fake reviews (fake it until you make it approach) but only a genuinely good product can create everlasting hype and success. Besides, it is stressful to be fake. Never stop approaching women, consistency is key. The longer you play in a certain market, the more you master it and the further away you become ahead of your competition.

Women will overlook the small mistakes you make, as long as you engulf them with your positive energy. Some women don’t need or want your money and they’ll fuck you on an old mattress. When women sense your beautifully toxic masculine force, their primal instinct becomes eager to receive the love. You need to pick the right timing for a call to action.

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