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The headline.

The next thing is the opener. Your opener is irrelevant. Seriously. You can use any wording you like. What every successful line contains is benefits. It’s a secret, click now. It’s easy and I have social proof. It is a quick solution and it will not cost you an arm and leg.

Your opening line is how you make a woman feel when you approach. Safety and convenience are where the game at. You are not going to throttle her if she’s heading somewhere, or bothering her if she’s expecting someone to come… you value her time and you value yours even more. You are confident but not pushy or needy and you are always ready to leave. You are interested in her but you have nothing to prove to her. I don’t offer discounts and I never sell my products for cheap for this reason. Marketing is a game of value and perception is key.

I approach the girl from a 45 degree and I blatantly say, “Hey. You are pulcher. I want you to be my girlfriend.” They usually test with “I’m not interested” “I have a boyfriend” to which I quickly reply, “It’s too late. I already decided you’ll be my girlfriend”. Others test with a grumpy face, “what does that word even mean?” to which I reply, “it’s a word I say to my girlfriend” The smile always comes after that. Again, the line doesn’t matter rather the way you perform it. I never use the same pickup line verbatim. I approach the girl and I say whatever cocky thing comes to mind. If someone saw us from afar, he would assume from the way I am behaving that she and I are good old friends. She doesn’t feel slutty giving me her attention, she feels safe, she knows she can leave if she wants to. That’s three benefits for her. This concept flies over guys’ heads. They think the magic is in the pickup line itself and so they copy-paste the clever lines they see other PUAs use or find on Reddit tinder. If your line conveys neediness, lack of value, hesitance, and doubt in self-potential… it flops.  If your line and reactions radiate mastery, poise, calmness, and abundance. It intrigues the girl. If you demonstrate value to her, you have her attention. It has nothing to do with extroversion or introversion.

Other mistakes men do, they dress up, nice cologne, sharp haircut and they roam the streets like peacocks. The “build it and they will come” mentality. Unless you are selling the cure of aids, no one will check your product until you expose them to it. You have to approach. Women’s way of picking up a man is to make themselves available. They put the merchandise insight to make you crave it. That is how they maintain the value of their offer. Prettifying yourself without taking initiative is feminine energy.

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