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Initial Contact.

The moment you approach a girl, she usually checks you out. Head to toe. What clues women prospect the most are: Cleanness, Looks, and Purchasing power. Dirty, ugly and poor are a repellent for 99% of women. Of visitors who make initial contact with your sales page, 96% bounce because of bad design. Both men and women are visually oriented. Nobody loves your personality from the first sight. Now, people who have an urging need will stick to see your premise. The remaining 4%. If you are looking for some rare documents on the web, the website design does not matter. Value is always unique to the visitor. In the normal case, however, how you present yourself aesthetically do matter. When I generalize, I address what happens in common situations. In the realm of relationships, exceptions always exist. #not_all

If a girl makes a full stop and checks you out, it is a good sign of interest. She is evaluating you. In this age of short attention spans, unlimited options, and endless stimuli, giving you five seconds is an investment.  

Asking girls to rate my looks, some of them replied in a quick manner “Zero” “minus two” “I wouldn’t even give you one” while walking away and laughing arrogantly. These types of girls are going out to get a free dose of male attention and they have no interest in ‘buying’. Their rude behavior is nothing but a defense mechanism. Sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of pleasure. With practice, you will become great at recognizing freebies seekers and spare yourself the effort.

You see, men and women are not that different. Telling random men to give my products a look some reply, “I am not buying anything from you. Fuck off”. Sometimes in a very enthusiastically rude way. They were not interested in buying at all or they cannot afford it anyway. They could ignore the message though, as most people do, but they could not miss the chance to indulge the superior feeling of rejecting someone. Women are in the receiving end of dating rituals. If a gay man approached you, you will understand how it feels to be flattered, and how it feels to deny someone’s advances. I reckon, give or take, 20% of women I approached were unkind to me. If you are not familiar with being vulnerable and getting rejected. It is a “humiliating” experience many men fear and cannot handle with poise. Some men react badly and act violently. Especially those with a grandiose ego or new to the game. Personally, people’s behaviors entertain me and rejection is inevitable. Rejection is an aspect of life that you will experience. Negative comments, refunds, spam, trolls… Get used to it and learn from it. I lived many crazy encounters and I have zero regrets. I lived so much pain in my life that a woman rejecting me is the last thing that worries me.  Visitors hop in and bounce out of my sales pages every day and the great feeling of getting a sale always triumphs it all. It feels great every single time to know that someone saw the value in your work. First, you do it for the validation and there is no shame in that. The more you get it, the more you form a mindset of abundance. You overgrow the validation. You internalize the skill and you start to see the glass half-full. Confidence comes from competence that comes from taking small and repetitive actions, not from motivation.

The majority of women, on the other hand, appreciate it when you approach them. Some of them kindly rejected me and I always appreciate a friendly rejection. Others said, “You’re cute” “you’re not bad, I’ll give you 7” “I like your confidence. 8” “10 but I’m not giving you my number”

If you pass the initial test of cleanness, nice clothes, and decency of looks they’ll wait to see you perform your sales pitch looking for cues about whether you are legit or not and so the tests begin. This is the case where women cheer for you and they show it by behaving in a welcoming way. This is not always the case. My point of contention with mainstream dating coaches is they over hype positivity and under-represent reality. From a marketing point, I get it. You need to sell within the mainstream Overton window. “Be yourself”, “attract women through vulnerability”, “love is out there looking for you” “women are mysterious. Give in to their demands”.  Any idea contrary to the popular belief is deemed radical and thus unprofitable. Don’t let false hope fool you, but don’t let negative outcomes depress you. Remember, all feedback is good. Sometimes your clients’ needs are satisfied and they don’t need your product. Sometimes they have a limiting barrier… They can’t afford your product or perhaps they think you are unattainable. You can only sell to eligible customers who need the value you offer. Pick up is not a miraculous solution. If you have reasonable expectations. It is more than enough.

Some women used checking me out and gauging my reaction as a test itself. Some women will test you before you open your mouth. Even if they behaved pleasantly, the women I approached always deceived in their replies. Women’s answers always depend on the outcome they want from you. Women are natural social gamers.

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